Our Partners

Cultivating leadership and excellence in drug delivery through education, training and innovation. The Catalent Institute fosters innovation and applied drug delivery research through our global collaboration efforts with universities and technology companies.

The Catalent Institute currently has strong partnerships with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and St. John’s University. Institute leaders are actively engaged in expanding the academic partnerships by launching a Non-invasive Macromolecule Consortium with academic and industry experts, conducting clinical round table research and creating tools for future life science leaders such as the Oral Drug Delivery Reference Guide. These partnerships and other university relationships promote the development of new, innovative technologies in the fields of Taste Masking and Bioavailability Enhancement via Particle Engineering, Hot Melt Extrusion, Oral Vaccines and Oral and Non-invasive Macromolecules.

  • AAPS partners with the Institute on the Global Academic Competition and training programs.

  • BASF partners with Catalent on Hot Melt Extrusion and educational programs.

  • The University of Bath cooperates with Catalent on educational and research programs.

  • St. John's University works with the Institute on Hot Melt Extrusion and educational programs.

  • New Jersey's Institute of Technology is working with Catalent on Taste Masking Technology.

  • 3M brings expertise in commercializing innovation including transdermal and microneedle delivery.

  • Our partnerships and relationships help to promote the development of new and innovative technologies.

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